Holidays at Chania is a blessed idea…

Imagine a place that combines the best exotic and picturesque beaches worldwide, lifie, crazy, cozy, picky,chic and endless nightlife and very best culinary. This place is Chania, located at Crete Island, book a  hotel, rent a car and let the music and the unique air drive you to the absolute vacation.


Reuters voted number 9th worldwide destination

You’ve found Little Venice – or something very close indeed. Chania, on Crete’s west end, was under Venetian rule in the 13th century, and much of the town’s architecture still reflects that influence. The Venetian Harbour is the place to enjoy an afternoon sipping coffee and watching the world go by. Explore the old town’s shops and narrow alleys, and be sure to rent a car for day trips to nearby beaches.


is proud of what for many is the most beautiful Old Town on Crete. Also known as the “Venice of the East”, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean. Stroll through the quaint little streets and bask in the aura and mystery that exudes in this special part of the town. Go under the arches, up and down the steps and admire the beautiful courtyards of the houses with their colourful flowers and plants. The Venetian aroma emerges on every corner, mixed with signs of the Ottomans (1645-1898) and the Egyptians (1831-1841) who were in Chania and Greek culture, together with authentic Cretan elements creating a unique cultural blend. Angelou and Theotokopoulou streets (belonging to the prestigious Topanas neighbourhood of the town), Zambeliou, Kondilaki and Skridlof (below Mitropoleos Square and the cathedral of Panagia Trimartiri) are the busiest streets in the Old Town, each of which offers something special. You will encounter all sorts of shops where you can buy authentic Cretan souvenirs and handmade jewellery, clothes and accessories. Although Cretan cuisine dominates the beautiful restaurants and taverns (many of which have courtyards), you can also try modern flavours and creations which compete with local, traditional recipes, with the fabulous buildings of the Old Town in the background. You will see some of the most beautiful and elegant hotels in Chania. The two squares are the busiest spots. Sintrivani Square, which was where the Christians gathered during the Turkish occupation and Splanzia Square (1821 Square) which was a Turkish neighbourhood, are today meeting places for the young crowd. Our Source was from :

Probably the best beaches in the world



The exotic Balos lagoon in the north west of the prefecture is formed between Tigani cape and the Gramvousa peninsula. Just as you approach it you will think that it is a miracle of nature owing to the unique natural landscape that unfolds in front of you. The tranquil lagoon has shallow crystal clear, warm water, endless white sand, which in areas is pink, and a canteen for the bare essentials. Access to Balos is either by road, a 1.5 hour drive and a 30 minute walk along a small dirt track, or by boat from Kastelli port in Kissamos (ticket: €25/person over 13, tel. +30 28220 24344, The trip includes a a stop at the famous fortress (pirate) which is situated on the beach in Gramvousa and is a Natura protected area.

The pink beach
The pink beach


This is one of those beaches that, on approach, exclaims, “this is what paradise must look like”! Elafonisi is one of the best known beaches throughout the world, not only on the island, but the whole of Greece. It is located in the south west of the prefecture and is about 1.5 hours (75 km) by car from the centre of Chania. In many parts of the vast sandy beach you will notice shades of pink sand and small shells. This alone will divert your mind from the huge crowds that visit every day. The beach, with its unique natural beauty, lagoon formed in the shallow blue water, has become a Natura 2000 network protected area and has been voted 17th in the list of best beaches in the world by Tripadvisor users and 5th out of 25 best European beaches. Panagia Chrisoskalitissa Monastery, built on a rock is located near the beach.



IMG_2515One of the best beaches for most visitors is Falassarna, located in the north west of the prefecture and 51 km from the center of Chania. You might think you are swimming in a pool at this fully equipped beachfront destination with its white sand and crystal clear waters, which has been voted several times as the most beautiful beach in the prefecture. It is the ideal choice for relaxation under the summer sun. One of its strengths is the dreamlike sunset which will keep you here until nightfall.


The Egyptian Lighthouse

is one of the landmarks in the Old Port and one of the first sights to attract the attention of visitors to Chania. Built by the Venetians -do not be fooled by its name- between 1595 and 1601, it stands proudly on the edge of the Old Port water breaker lighting up your every moment during your stay in the beautiful Chania. The damage it suffered over time was repaired by the Egyptians 200 years after its construction. Around 1830, when Crete was granted the regent of Egypt, Mehmet Ali, by the British, its shape became more like a minaret. In 1839 it began using new lighting technology, while in 1864 it was passed into the hands of the French Society of Ottoman Lighthouses. It stands 21 metres tall and the light reaches a distance of 7 miles.

Where to eat with locals…


There is a place in Chania and the moment you set eyes on it, you will think you are in a scene from the movies. Tambarakia, as the old tanneries of the town were called, is located in the Halepas area, 10 minutes by car from the center of town. In this truly romantic and idyllic setting with the waves crashing at your feet, you will come across Thalassino Ageri, a fish tavern famous not only for its location, but also for its exquisite cuisine. Set against the abandoned, yet beautiful buildings in the old tanneries, you can try fresh fish, from which you can literally smell the sea. Lobster with macaroni, fish soup, octopus with fennel and green olives, sea bream, mackerel and anything else that springs to mind beckon you to the tables to taste.

What to eat?

Cretan Dakos was known as the ”food of the poor”


and is a refreshing nutritious salad that can be prepared easily and quickly. Ingredients 2 rusks (paximadi) 2 medium sized tomatoes 150 grams of crumbled feta cheese 3-4 olives olive oil oregano Instructions Hold the rusk under running water for a few seconds to moisten (if you like it crunchy, do not moisten). Put all the rusks on a plate and rub them with tomato (one for each rusk). Add the crumbled feta cheese on top, cut the olives into rings and place above. Sprinkle with olive oil and oregano. Cretan dakos can be eaten as a main dish, as it is very rich in nutrients.







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